Tue-Sept-24, 2019
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Alcohol Policy

We remind all players that all rinks, where we play, prohibit alcohol of any kind to be brought to or consumed at their facilities/grounds. Any violation of the rinks' alcohol policy jeopardizes our ability to continue to play hockey at these rinks. Please adhere to and cooperate with this policy.

Pre-Game Protocol

We remind all players to refrain from entering the ice prior to the Zamboni completely refinishing the ice and leaving the ice surface. Skating on the ice before the Zamboni has finished exposes players to injury and creates an insurance risk.

Fall 2019

The Fall 2019 season will start early October. We will play 16 games with double elimination playoffs determining the Long Island Cup champions. More details are available at Fall 2019 Season.

Summer 2019

We have scheduled through Sunday, September 22.

Playoff Results

NOTE: The Master Schedule is the official playoff schedule. If there is any schedule discrepancy with the Master Schedule and the schedule info provided below (on the home page), teams/players are to follow the Master Schedule.

Championship Games

  • B League - 9/25 - #2-Warriors vs #4-Lightning |
  • C League - 9/26 - #1-Queens Finest vs #2-2G1P |
  • D League - 9/22 - #3-Bangers 10, #4-Rats 3 | [team pic]
  • E1 League - 9/23 - #2-Misfits 3, #1-Morkmen 2 ot | [team pic]
  • E2 League - 9/19 - #1-Ice-Dogs 3, #2-Team X 1 | [team pic]

B League
Championship Game
B3 - 9/25 @9:45 @Newbridge - Warriors vs Lightning
B2 - Steady as You Go - Warriors wear down SHT 5-2
B1 - Bolted - Lightning strike down Old Core 10-4
C League
Championship Game
C3 - 9/26 @10:00 @Newbridge - Queens Finest vs 2G1P
C2 - Bloom of DeRose - 2G1P stifle Scouts 4-2
C1 - Take Down - Queens Finest heel BK-Bulldogs 9-3
Wild Card
C0 - Spread Offense - Behind six different scorers BK-Bulldogs withstand Mayhem-D 6-4
D League
Championship Game
D3 - Strike Up the Band - Bangers drum Rats 10-2 for D title
D2 - Bang-n-Gerry - Bangers cream Bladerunners 9-4
D1 - Cheese Fest - Rats exterminate Executioners 10-3
E1 League
Championship Game
E3 - Doing the Can-Can - Misfits rebuff Morkmen 3-2 in OT for E1 championship
E2 - You Con Do It - Misfits survive two three goal comebacks, bump BFD 7-6 in OT
E1 - Sweet Lou - Morkmen nip Panthers 4-3
E2 League
Championship Game
EE3 - Tough Sledding - Ice-Dogs mush past Team X 3-1 for E2 crown
EE2 - Marking the Spot - Team X wear down Wolfpack 5-3
EE1 - Just Ruff Enough - Ice-Dogs eke past Hex 5-4

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