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Spring 2007 Playoffs

Long Island Cup Spring 2007 Championship Games

B League - [draw] | [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
B4 - The Beat Goes On - Bruins sweat out hard-earned 4-2 win over Klash to repeat as B champs
In unfamiliar fashion, the Bruins rode their defense in repelling strong Klash third period to garner the B League Championship. With this title, the Bruins defended their Fall B crown and raised the HLI Cup for the third time in the last four campaigns.

As in past title matches, the Bruins hi-octane offense seemed primed to dominate the game. They hailed shots from the start, and when they scored twice in 11 seconds mid-second to make it 4-1, it seemed very much same ole', same ole. But alas, Dorothy strayed on her way to Kansas. The Klash weathered the Bruins blitz and the Bruins, remarkably, would not score again.

Opening the third, the Klash turned the tables. They pressured the Bruins pinning them deep and working an eight minute powerplay. It's here left became right and up became down. Flashing a heretofore unforseen defensive might, the Bruins allowed but one goal during the lengthy penalty kill. The star of this impressive defensive stand was the indomitable B League MVP Mike Anderson. Anderson stopped 'em high. Anderson stopped 'em low. Anderson stopped 'em from far. Anderson stopped 'em from close. He simply refused to wilt in carrying his team to their latest championship. Equally stellar was Klash netminder Ruben Santana, who turned away 35 shots, several of the highlight reel variety.
Winner's Bracket
B2 - Not Tonight - Bruins fend-off determined Saints 7-5
B1 - Lunch Pail Gang - Saints outhustle, outmuscle Klash 8-5
Loser's Bracket
B3 - Willing and Able - Klash finally "klick", thump Saints 8-3
B0 - Late Bingo - Klash score two in final two, edge Storm 3-2

C League - [draw] | [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
C6 - Bear Power - Black Bears overpower Panthers 6-3 to seize C crown
Breaking open a tie game, the Black Bears scored three times in the decisive final stanza to seize the C League championship. C League MVP Sean Considine scored three times, twice in the third, to lead the Bears. Both of Considine's third period goals came late when he stretched a close 4-3 match with two highlight reel breakaway goals.

The Bears spotted the Panthers a 3-2 lead in a wide open first period full of odd man rushes. The loose play continued into the second where the Panthers continued to pressure the Bears. They were, however, rebuffed by several key saves from Bears goalie Damian Andraka. The Bears, fueled by Andraka's efforts, tied the game mid-second to set up Considine's 3rd period exploits. Mike Vience bolstered the Bears scoring with a goal and two helpers.
Winner's Bracket
C4 - Bear Attack - Black Bears maul Panthers 13-4
C2 - On the Prowl - Panthers paw Woodstock 5-3
C1 - Bear Claw - Black Bears handle Red Wings 8-5
Loser's Bracket
C5 - Back in the Box - Panthers plant Woodstock 5-3
C3 - Spring Cleaning - Woodstock whisk away Red Wings 6-1
C0 - Tossed - Red Wings bounce Brew Crew 5-2

D1 League - [draw] | [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
D6 - The Slipper Fits - Hex-D conquer the demons, bedazzle Mayhem 3-1 for first HLI Cup
Staring the dragon square in the eye, the Hex seized the moment with three unanswered goals to capture the D1 League championship 3-1 over Mayhem. With this title victory, the Hex buried their ghosts of playoffs past and raised the HLI Cup for the first time.

From the drop, Mayhem had the better of the early action with several sustained offensive zone pressures. In their best rope-a-dope, however, the Hex survived by defending the slot and keeping the Mayhem attack on the perimeter. The Hex quickly erased a Mayhem one goal advantage early in the second and after goalie Bob Bedford made two spectacular sprawling stops they entered the third in full-fledged demon mode.

In their close-but-no-cigar playoff history, the Hex have lost with a dramatic flair including three times as top seed. Reversing script, this playoff they limped in as the #6, last, seed. Poetically, this time they would reach the summmit. Leading the way, as he had throughout the triumphant playoff run, was D2 League MVP Peter Randazzo. Randazzo, who set-up the first goal Hex goal, jumped into the play from the point with 6:57 remaining to secure the loose puck and pot the top shelf champagne corker.
Winner's Bracket
D4 - Spellbound - Hex-D breaks out the Magic Carpet in 7-2 Mayhem mashing
D2 - Pixie Dust - Hex-D whammy Kodiaks 5-4 in overtime
D1 - Rockin' Chair - Mayhem manhandles Bucs 6-2
Loser's Bracket
D5 - Off the Mat - Mayhem traps Kodiaks 3-1
D3 - Pirate Booty - Kodiaks pilfer Bucs 4-3
Dw2 - Who Do that Voodoo - Hex perplex Peckers 5-2
Dw1 - Age before Beauty - Veteran Bucs put away Stars 5-1

D2 League - [draw] | [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
DD7 - London Calling - London Pub snuff Stalkers 8-3 to capture D2 title
Shaking off a potentially devestating drubbing, a determined London Pub played focused from the drop in thumping the Stalkers to win the D2 shampiosnhip. With the victory London Pub drank from the HLI Cup in their inaugural season.

Leaving no doubt that there were any lingering aftereffects, London Pub scored 32 ticks into the match. Rob Mallon scored the first of three, when he emerged from a center scrum to pot the critical first goal. He would score two of the next three as the Pub forged 4-1 mid-second lead. The Stalkers, who had previously shredded the Pub's backline, found the going much tougher. The Pub played sturdy defense and was buoyed by the top form play of D2 MVP Sean Beatty. Beatty made all the necessary saves as the Stalkers valiantly tried to close the gap. Each time they inched closer, they were stonewalled by Beatty. The Stalkers' last gasp came in the middle of the third when they whittled the lead to 6-3. Their need to open up the offense, however, exposed them the other way, and Billy Berju clinched the championship celebration with two late goals.
DD6 - Ambush - Stalkers stick it to London Pub 9-1
Winner's Bracket
DD4 - All Abroad - London Pub continues playoff ride with 4-2 Minutemen pick-off
DD2 - Bend, No Break - Minutemen hold off PLT 7-5
DD1 - Boo! - London Pub surprise Stalkers 4-1
Loser's Bracket
DD5 - Can't You hear me Knockin? - Stalkers slay Minutemen 5-3 behind four 3rd period unanswered
DD3 - Back on the Beam - Stalkers right the ship, dispense PLT 5-3
DD0 - Movin' On - London Pub clips NY-Coyotes 4-1

E1 League - [draw] | [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
E7 - Ring the Bell - Bethpage FD extinguish Cyclones-E 6-2
Scoring thrice in four minutes, Bethpage FD broke open a close game and fended off a game Cyclones squad to seize the E1 championship. With the win, Bethpage FD successfully traveled the treacherous trek through the losers bracket. The title victory is Bethpage's second HLI Cup.

From the get-go, this match was in stark contrast of the last meeting between the two clubs. From the drop, the Cyclones shed the stink from their previous lackluster effort and controlled play for most of the first. Their efforts, however, only netted one goal - an ominous portent to the looming Bethpage blitzkrieg. Led by the peppery play of E1 MVP Brian Collelouri, Bethpage potted a crushing tying goal with just one tenth remaining in the first. Collelouri, refusing to quit on the period, dug the puck from behind the net and threaded the jolting helper. Collelouri then singlehandedly impelled the decisive second period quickstrike. He first set up the go-ahead tally and then sniped two more goals, all within four critical minutes. His exquisite exploits essentially insulated Bethpage from a gutty, but fruitless, Cyclone push in the third.
E6 - Deluge - Bethpage FD swamp Cyclones-E 10-1
Winner's Bracket
E4 - Hang On - Cyclones-E whip through Bethpage FD 11-5
E2 - Makin' Do - Bethpage FD hose-down Bruisers 7-3
E1 - Shocker - Cyclones-E stun Euro Stars 5-4 in OT
Loser's Bracket
E5 - Cotton-Eyed Joe - Bethpage FD douse Euro Stars 7-3
E3 - Stayin' Alive - Euro Stars banish Bruisers 4-2
Ew2 - Ouch - Bruisers "KO" Squirrels 8-7
Ew1 - Payback - Cyclones-E dismiss Rage 5-1

E2 League - [draw] | [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
EE4 - Back-to-Back - Tribe repeat with 6-0 Mustang scalping
In perhaps their finest effort in the organization's long history, the Tribe sparkled from start to finish in throttling the Mustangs 6-0. Scoring three in the first and three in the third, the Tribe never relented in pressuring the Mustangs. Combined with some lockdown defense, supplied by both the forwards and defense, the Tribe controlled play throughout. With the win, the Tribe defended their fall E2 title.

The Tribe are a lunch pail/hard hat crew where the proverbial whole is greater then the sum of the parts. Each line, each player needs to contribute for the team to succeed. During this playoff, this ethic was no more embodied by E2 MVP Dave Peregosky. Peregosky played smart, gritty hockey throughout the playoff. Offensively, Peregosky scored twice and set up two others. Perhaps, more importantly, Peregosky excelled in the little things, whether providing a consistent, tenacious forecheck, disrupting the slot, or covering the backside. Along with linemates Rob Cowen and Doug Durando, Peregosky stood out in accounting for half of the Tribe's playoff goals.
Winner's Bracket
EE2 - Instant Classic - Tribe prevail 2-1 in another Tribe/Rat OT thriller
EE1 - Saddle Up - Tribe pull out 3-2 come-from-behind over Mustangs
Loser's Bracket
EE3 - Wild Horses - Mustangs round up Rats 3-2
EE0 - Foreclosure - Mustangs eliminate East Coast 2-1

3C League - [draw] | [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
3C4 - Gold Strike - Pioneers reclaim the throne in 4-3 overtime thriller over Court Officers
Scoring late to force extra hockey, the Pioneers stun the Court Officers 4-3 to win the 3C league championship. With the win, the Pioneers secured the first spring LI Cup in the organization's long history.

To be successful, the Pioneers rely on several key elements. One, show up with lunch pail in hand. Two, punch the clock and go to work. And three, find 3C MVP Dan Coffey. Coffey, the Mo to the Jo, can impact a game even when not scoring. Often shadowed throughout this championship match and neutralized for much of it, Coffey finally made the Officers pay during winning time. In OT, Coffey worked free with the puck and threaded the biscuit to a wanting Tom Lawler, who potted the championship winner 9 minutes into a thrilling overtime. The Pioneers forced the overtime with just 1:22 remaining when Sean McLaine converted a power play opportunity.
Winner's Bracket
3C2 - Chuck Wagon Brigade - Pioneers continue playoff drive, thump Scorpions 4-1
3C1 - Lock Down - Pioneers blank Court Officers 3-0
Loser's Bracket
3C3 - First Step - Court Officers exterminate Scorpions 3-1
3C0 - No Repeat - Pioneers cancel Primetime 6-3

3E League - [draw] | [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
3E6 - Back-to Back - Leafs repeat as 3E champs with tidy 4-1 Blues besting
Striking early, the Leafs gained a quick 2-0 lead and never looked back en route to a 4-1 Blues beat for the 3E crown. With the championship, the Leafs defended their recently captured fall 3E title.

The Blues came out flying from the drop, and in the first five minutes applied heavy pressure. During this time, they fired seven shots on the Leafs goal but none found twine. Alas, in the midst of this initial Blues barrage, the Leafs managed to squeeze out two shots and ... two goals. First, John Maggio went low stickside to score just 45 seconds in, and then 3E MVP Bryan Zash goes five hole two minutes later. So the Leafs, five minutes in, were outplayed, heavily outshot, and ahead 2-0. Cue the big woman. The Blues continued to apply pressure throughout the second but, despite again controlling much of the play, could not effectively close the gap. The third period saw much of the same, but the Blues flushed a critical 5-on-3 advantage, and the Leafs provided some empty net frosting for their repeat.
Winner's Bracket
3E4 - Takin' Care of Business - Leafs thwart Moose 4-2
3E2 - True to Form - Moose ride defense and blank Blues 2-0
3E1 - Train keeps a Rollin' - Leafs lance Sabres 5-2
Loser's Bracket
3E5 - Sweet Home Chicago - Blues belt out the Moose 4-1
3E3 - Singing in the Rain - Blues bop Sabres 5-1
3E0 - Pedigree - Sabres dispatch Wolverines 5-1