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Spring 2018 Playoffs

Long Island Cup Spring 2018 Championship Games

B League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
B6 - Mamma Mia - Green Team rallies to snatch B title from Warriors 6-5 in OT thriller
Winner's Bracket
B4 - Rolling Along - Green Team grade GN-Bruins 13-4
B2 - Lloyds of Wonderland - GN-Bruins swamp Glaciers 11-5
B1 - Filling it Up - Green Team outscore Warriors 11-8
Loser's Bracket
B5 - Bear Skin - Warriors pelt GN-Bruins 9-2
B3 - De-Ice Age - Warriors melt Glaciers 5-3
B0 - Steady as She Goes - Warriors wear down Lightning 4-1

C League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
C7 - Fly Away - Hawks soar past Russian Dolls 5-3 for C title
C6 - Nyet So Fast - Hawks hold off Russian Dolls 9-6
Winner's Bracket
C4 - TM-Whee! - Double quads propel Russian Dolls over Snipes 10-4
C2 - Just Beating the Rap - Russian Dolls need all 60 to skate by Hawks 5-2
C1 - Walk on By - Snipes amble past Tremblays Pub 1-0
Loser's Bracket
C5 - Winging It - Hawks piece it together to snip Snipes 5-2
C3 - Dirty Half-Dozen - Hawks find a way, bounce Tremblays Pub 6-4
C0 - Magnificent Seven - Tremblays Pub rake Woodstock 5-2

D1 League - [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
D6 - Flip the Script - Mayhem-D collar BK-Bulldogs 6-1 to claim D1 title
Taking control early, Mayhem-D pushed consistently throughout the game to dispatch the BK-Bulldogs 6-1 for the D1 championship. The victory reversed the Fall '17 championship match-up between these two teams. Mayhem ended a five year title drought and claimed their third Long Island Cup.

Mayhem-D scored twice in each period and never was threatened. They controlled the game from the drop at both ends of the ice. As in their two previous playoff wins, Mayhem utilized a balanced offense that saw five different goal scorers. In all, eleven different Mayhem players scored in the playoffs with D1 League MVP David Melnyk leading the charge with 5 goals and at least one goal in each playoff game.

Winner's Bracket
D4 - Breaking Away - Mayhem-D open it up in the third, rattles Redrum 6-3
D2 - Jump Start - Mayhem-D rides early lead past Scouts 10-6
D1 - Yanking the Lease - Redrum heel BK-Bulldogs 3-2
Loser's Bracket
D5 - Ruff-n-Tuff - BK-Bulldogs grind past Redrum 3-2
D3 - Barking Back - BK-Bulldogs retire Scouts 8-2
D0 - Put a Sock in It - Redrum frustrates Queens Finest 8-3

D2 League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
DD4 - GGoals and Toast - PLT fry Panthers 10-5 to grab D2 title
Coming from behind, PLT blitzed the Panthers in the second to flip the game and nabbed the D2 championship 10-5. The title victory was PLT's second Long Island Cup in as many seasons and their tenth overall.

The Panthers started this match focused and outworked PLT to forge a 4-2 lead late in the first. Seemingly in control, the Panthers let it slip. Spencer Boris scored late in the first and again early n the second to thrust PLT from one behind to one ahead. From there, Justin Geigel and D2 League MVP Eddy Gelfand seized the game. They scored the final six goals as PLT skated to an insurmountable lead. In the playoffs, Gelfand led the potent PLT offense. He scored 9 times (and assisted on 5 more) including PLT's most important playoff goal - the double OT gamewinner in the D2 wildcard game.

Winner's Bracket
DD2 - Bennie and the Nets - Donskoy's trick leads PLT past Bruisers 5-1
DD1 - G-Whizzes - PLT holds off Panthers 10-6
Loser's Bracket
DD3 - Vin to Win - After madcap reg finish, Panthers bounce Bruisers 6-5 in double OT
DD0 - Puck Luck - PLT's double OT cue shot banishes Banshees 5-4

E1 League - [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
E4 - The Burek Wall - Scrappers stonewall Minutemen 5-1 to win E1 Championship
Staying the course and riding the big horse, the Scrappers kept at it and grinded out a 5-1 E1 championship win over the Minutemen. The victory is the organization's first Long Island Cup title in just their second season.

The Scrappers started tentatively. They mustered only 7 first period shots and looked disjointed as they fell behind 1-0 after one. In the second, however, they donned their hard hats and persistently attacked the offensive zone. They finally broke through six minutes in when Mike Rodrigues potted a mid-slot turnaround. Relentlessly, they continued to pressure the Minutemen zone. Alas, they would only score once more but it proved all they needed.

In a wide open third, the Minutemen ratcheted up and controlled much of the play. They nonetheless could not get one behind E1 League MVP Allan Burek. The Big Fella was stout and impregnable as the Minutemen hailed 15 third period shots at him. The Minutemen's futile push culminated in a mid-period power play where they pressured Burek for almost the full two minutes but the netminder did not yield. Burek also turned the tables when, amidst a third period flurry of action, he headmanned a counterattack breakout that produced the game's insurance goal.

Winner's Bracket
E2 - Heating Up - Scrappers smelt Minutemen 5-2
E1 - Picked and Rolled - Minutemen parry Misfits 5-2
Loser's Bracket
E3 - Squeaker - With two third period goals Minutemen move past Misfits 2-0
E0 - After Midnight - Minutemen edge Yard Sale 3-2 on late goal

E2 League - [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
EE5 - Put a Bowtie on It - Gentlemen surge in the third, plank Angry Pirates 7-4 for E2 title
EE4 - Rude Awakening - Gentlemen stun Angry Pirates 5-3
With four third period goals, the Gentlemen rolled the Angry Pirates 7-4 to capture the E2 championship. The Gentlemen won their last three playoff games to emerge from the losers bracket to win the Long Island Cup in the club's inaugural season.

This tightly contested winner-take-all match dripped with intensity and spirit throughout. The game was scoreless for most of the first when E2 League MVP Sean McCloskey struck with under three to go. The Pirates quickly answered just 23 seconds later. Early in the second, the Pirates then went ahead on the first of Dan Linzer's pair only to see the Gentlemen knot it again less than two minutes later. The teams then traded chances and should-have-beens, and appeared to be heading into the third tied at 2-2 when McCloskey irrevocably seized the game's momentum. Stealing the puck as the Pirates broke out of their end, McCloskey picked the far right topshelf to thrust the Gentlemen ahead with just 32 ticks left in the second. The last minute goal ignited the Gentlemen. In the first half of the third, they scored three including McCloskey's third of the game, a shorty from inside the kitchen. In the playoffs, McCloskey lead the Gentlemen with 5 goals and 3 helpers.

Winner's Bracket
EE2 - Lark and Roll - Angry Pirates blunder early, ease past Gentlemen 5-1
EE1 - Fired Up - Gentlemen temper Ice Dogs 8-5
Loser's Bracket
EE3 - Ladylike - Gentlemen skirt past Ice Dogs 3-0
EE0 - Commander Cody - Klein's quad leads Ice Dogs past Tiburones 8-3

40 League - [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
F4 -The Defense Rests - Bladerunners whitewash Bucs 5-0 to wear over40 crown
Behind a dominant first period, the Bladerunners rode an early lead to a convincing 5-0 whitewash of the Bucs in the over40 championship. With the win, the Bladerunners repeated their Fall '17 division title and secured their eleventh Long Island Cup.

The Bladerunners got all the offense they needed early. George Woods set the table with two quick goals in the first five minutes and the Blades neatly added two more goals later in the stanza to build an insurmountable 4-0 lead. Reeling from the initial onslaught, the Bucs settled and consistently built and applied an offensive push but was persistently denied by the collective effort of the Blades over40 League MVP Defense. The seven Bladerunner defensemen collectively denied and resisted any and all Bucs pressure with neutral zone denials, blocked shots, and ironclad kitchen patrol. In the playoffs, the Bladerunners allowed just a single goal.

Winner's Bracket
F2 - Closing In - Bladerunners corner Rats 6-1
F1 - Hunting for Cheese - Rats' all-around play stymies Bucs 2-1
Loser's Bracket
F3 - Bruce Alrighty - In another classic, Bucs edge Rats 4-3 in OT
F0 - Home for the Summer - Rats scatter Moose 7-2

3C League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
3C5 - The Beat Goes On - Scorpions stave off Wasps rally 7-6 to collect 3C title
3C4 - Winning from Behind - Chasing from the drop, Scorpions rebuff Wasps 8-7 in OT
Winner's Bracket
3C2 - Four Score - Leavy's quad leads Wasps past Scorpions 9-6
3C1 - From the Jump - Wasps swarm early, skate past Cornerstone 7-3
Loser's Bracket
3C3 - M&M&M Boys - Scorpions shorn Cornerstone 6-4
3C0 - Breaking Away - Wasps separate from Fire and Ice 11-3

3D League - [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
3D4 - The Green Mile - On last second goal, Executioners clip Wolverines 4-3 to win 3D title
Taking advantage of a late defensive lapse, the Executioners seized the 3D championship 4-3 over the Wolverines. The playoff triumph is the organization's first Long Island Cup in four seasons.

This back-n-forth deciding championship match produced four ties and three lead changes. Each team had a one goal lead but neither team could stretch it as the teams exchanged goals through a deadlocked two periods. 3D League MVP Chris Gallant started the scoring just two minutes in but Mike Rodrigues tied 1-1 later in the first. Early in the second, Rodrigues thrust the Wolverines ahead only to have Gallant tie it back up. Gallant then set-up the 3-2 go-ahead goal only to again see Rodrigues quickly square the match. The third period settled into a tense, near-miss battle with each team giving no ground until a late miscue sprung the gamewinner. With under a minute to go, Adam Discepilo snuck past a neutral zone pinching defenseman and broke in clean to bury the championship winning breakaway.

Winner's Bracket
3D2 - Game Well Done - Executioners squelch Wolverines 5-2
3D1 - Bearly - Wolverines ward off High Voltage 5-4
Loser's Bracket
3D3 - Shock Treatment - With three late goals Wolverines rally past High Voltage 7-5
3D0 - Long Island Teed - Wolverines cap Oilers 9-4