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Spring 2008 Playoffs

Long Island Cup Spring 2008 Championship Games

B League - [box scores] | [draw] | [back to top]
Championship Game
B5 - Reign Over - Apple Sauce crumbles the Bruins dynasty with a decisive 7-2 thumping
Unveiling a heretofor unseen defensive regard, Apple Sauce systematically dismantled a shaken Bruins squad to claim the B title. With the win, Apple Sauce ended the Bruins' multi-year B League stranglehold. The Apple Sauce championship was all the more improbable given that the Bruins stood a mere four seconds away from yet another championship in the previous title game.

This match played as a surprisingly low scoring affair through the first two periods. Remarkably, both teams diligently backchecked and maintained the gaps to clog the other's hi-octane offense. It was, however, Apple Sauce's will to remain committed to the team effort that ultimately turned the match. Disrupted by the constant Sauce pressure, the Bruins slowly became frustrated and strayed into more individual play. Apple Sauce seized upon the eventual ice openings and exploded for four goals in the middle of the third to stunningly break the mighty Bruins.

During the playoff, the Sauce displayed an dazzling array of offense weapons. The one who shone brightest was B League MVP Chris Ryan. Ryan, who scored a goal and helped on two others in this title game, played with an uncanny knack for the puck and flashed the finishing ability to lead the Sauce in playoff scoring.
B4 - Takin' it to the Limit - Apple Sauce forces winner-take-all with 6-5 nailbiter over GN-Bruins in double OT
Winner's Bracket
B2 - Winning Time - GN-Bruins dispatch Apple Sauce 12-7
B1 - Sweatin' It - GN-Bruins work overtime to weather Storm 6-5
Loser's Bracket
B3 - Mott's More Like It - Apple Sauce squash Storm 7-5
B0 - Starr Report - Storm move on 10-3 behind Starr's four

C League - [box scores] | [draw] | [back to top]
Championship Game
C7 - Tightrope to Titletown - Klash shake-off monumental 3rd period spit-up, snatch C crown 7-6 in overtime
Staring down the gremlins from playoffs past, the Klash survived a third period meltdown to seize the C League championship from the Scorpions in dramatic fashion. In earning their first LI Cup in four years, the Klash successfully completed the four game firewalk through the losers bracket.

With nine minutes to go, the Klash netted an apparent cherry-on-top to take a 6-2 lead. They had methodically and patiently attacked the Scorpions to seemingly put a stranglehold on the match. The game turned, however, on a needless penalty. The Scorpions quickly capitalized, and remarkably the ice tilted. The Scorpions swarmed the Klash goal and scored again with six to go. The Klash, back on their heels, suddenly became passive and had trouble getting past center ice. The Scorpions scored again with two to go. The Klash, staggering like a drunken sailor, now couldn't get the puck out their zone. The Scorpions pulled their goalie, assailed the net, and amidst a goalmouth rugby scrum potted the tying goal with 25 ticks to tock.

Compounding the turmoil, the reeling Klash entered ovetime down a man. Alas, it is often in dire straits that signature moments arise. There's "The Catch", "The Drive" and now "The Rush". Seizing the moment a mere 50 seconds into OT, C League MVP Paul Bellard gathered the puck behind his own net, bulled his way through the defensive zone, sped through the neutral zone, streaked wide around the defense, and snuck one past to deliver the C League title that only minutes earlier appeared lost.
C6 - One for the Money - Klash klimb back, scuttle Scorpions 8-3
Winner's Bracket
C4 - Pig for Dinner - Scorpions roast Ice Hogs 6-2
C2 - Surf's Up! - Ice Hogs ride third period wave to beach Klash 9-5
C1 - Steady as She Goes - Scorpions stifle Phantoms 6-3
Loser's Bracket
C5 - Klick, Klack - Klash clip Ice Hogs 5-3
C3 - First Step - Klash phase out Phantoms-LCF 6-3
Cw2 - Four Spot - Ice Hogs rally past Woodstock 7-4 with 4 unanswered in third
Cw1 - Last Call - Phantoms-LCF toss Tremblays Pub 5-2

D1 League - [box scores] | [draw] | [back to top]
Championship Game
D6 - Tastes Like Chicken - Vultures scarf LI-Stars 4-3 to snag D1 championship
Shaking off a Stars' three goal rally, the Vultures scored a third period powerplay goal to squash the the upset-minded Stars and claim the D1 title 4-3. The championship is the organization's second Long Island Cup and their first D1 win.

The Vultures jumped the Stars from the drop, scoring twice in the first two minutes. They later stretched their first period lead to 3-0, and this match appeared a blowout. The Stars, however, gamely rallied with three second period goals, and the game turned into a physical battle.

The Vultures offense, led this postseason by D1 League MVP Steve Vitararos is predicated on pressure. Pressure elicits mistakes and just two minutes into the third, the Vultures drew the fateful powerplay. It was on this man-advantage that John Barker potted the title clincher. En route to the trophy ceremony, the Vultures continued to pressure the offensive zone to limit the Stars' fleeting chances.
Winner's Bracket
D4 - Circling the Carcass - Vultures raze A-Town 8-0
D2 - Feedin' Time - Vultures gobble LI-Stars 5-3
D1 - The Beat Goes On - A-Town blanks Euro Stars 4-0
Loser's Bracket
D5 - Takin the A-Train - LI-Stars zoom past A-Town 4-3 with three unanswered
D3 - Shot Down - LI-Stars snuff Euro Stars 5-3
Dw2 - In the Boat - LI-Stars harpoon Sharks 5-2
Dw1 - Movin' On - Euro Stars pound Peckers 7-3

D2 League - [box scores] | [draw] | [back to top]
Championship Game
DD6 - Amen - Mayhem toast PLT 3-1 for D2 championship
Dominant from the drop, Mayhem's up tempo attack ultimately proved too much en route to 3-1 D2 championshp win. With the win, Mayhem stamped their name on the Long ISalnd Cup for the first time.

Mayhem unleashed the offense straight from the locker room. They relentlessly stormed the PLT end and hailed rubber upon PLT netminder Steve Distefano. Distefano was equal to the task. He turned away the first 22 Mayhem shots (and 36 total) before one snuck by him with four minutes remaining in the second. Two minutes later, Mayhem scored again to forge a seemingly insurmountable 2-0 lead.

However, these tilted games kept close by a goaltender can get dicey. Sure enough, PLT mounted an early third period charge and narrowed the score to 2-1. Energized, PLT continued to pressure Mayhem's end but they could not rattle the steady hand of D2 League MVP Carl Guarino. Guarino, rock solid between the pipes throughout the playoff, calmly stood firm and turned away all remaining PLT chances.
Winner's Bracket
DD4 - Over Easy - Mayhem stymie PLT 3-0
DD2 - On the Hook - Mayhem slip past Swordfish 3-2 in overtime
DD1 - Acorn Hunting - PLT stuns Squirrels 8-1
Loser's Bracket
DD5 - Toasted - PLT schools Squirrels 3-1
DD3 - Mounted - Squirrels stuff Swordfish 7-2
DD0 - Squeaker - PLT sneaks by Minions 4-3

E1 League - [box scores] | [draw] | [back to top]
Championship Game
E4 - Bruise Cruise - Bruisers take E1 championship with 5-4 Cyclones-E sweep
Exploding for four third period goals, the Bruisers survived a madcap third period to emerge as E1 champions. With the 5-4 victory, the Bruisers raised the club's first Long Island Cup.

The Bruisers trailed 2-1 heading into the third but quickly tied it just 25 seconds into the final stanza. Three minutes later, E1 League MBVP Greg Bretton, who led the Bruisers in playoff scoring, ripped the biscuit top shelf to forge a lead the Bruisers would not relinquish. The Bruisers quickly scored twice more in the following 90 seconds to build a seemingly insurmountable lead. The Cyclones, though, would not go quietly. In a furious rally, in which they pumped 12 shots at net, the Cyclones closed to 5-4 with under a minute remaining to scare the new champs.
Winner's Bracket
E2 - Last Minute Bingo - Bruisers bop Cyclones 8-6 w/two in final ticks
E1 - Twister - Cyclones-E blow by Bethpage FD 9-1
Loser's Bracket
E3 - Extinguished - Cyclones-E douse Bethpage FD 9-4
E0 - Special K - Bethpage FD pluck SFC 4-3 in OT behind Collelouri 'trick

E2 League - [box scores] | [draw] | [back to top]
Championship Game
EE4 - Viva El Toro! - Raging Bulls gore Mustangs 4-2 to wear E2 crown
Staving off a furious Mustang third period rally, the Raging Bulls scored early and hung on for a 4-2 victory and the E2 championshp. With the win, the Raging Bulls buried nine seasons and four years of futility to raise the Long Island Cup for the first time.

Playing with focus and purpose, the Raging Bulls staked a 2-0 first period lead and appeared in control through the second. When they found the net again six minutes into the third to make it 3-0, the big lady was loosening the corks. But, alas, as with almost all clubs' first championship, nails get short and drama descends. An ill-advised hi-stick penalty with seven minutes to go resulted in two quick Mustang goals. Revitalized, the Mustangs stormed the Bulls zone and blizted E2 league MVP Vinny Winsky. Winsky, who gamely endured through the dark years, simply refused to yield. He made several title saving stops down the stretch, including one heart-stopping glove snatch from his knees.
Winner's Bracket
EE2 - Ole! - Raging Bulls sidestep Minutemen 5-2
EE1 - Ambush - Minutemen march through Mustangs 6-0
Loser's Bracket
EE3 - Stampede - Mustangs trample Minutemen 5-0
EE0 - Katie out the Door - Minutemen bounce Katie Dalys 7-2

3C League - [box scores] | [draw] | [back to top]
Championship Game
3C4 - Payback - Klash-30 round up Pioneers 5-1 to reclaim 3C title
Continuing their previous crisp playoff efforts, Klash-30 controlled much of this title match and sailed to a 5-1 30C championship win over the Pioneers. With the victory, the Klash avenged their fall championship loss to the Pioneers.

Spearheading the Klash playoff charge was their stout defense. The Klash blueliners stifled the Pioneer attack for much of the game and was especially effective in shutting down the Pioneers potent first line. The Klash offense was led by 3C League MVP Don "Big Daddy" Lewis. Lewis, who scored in each playoff game, netted two including the pivotal insurance tally middle of the third which stretched a slim 2-1 lead.
Winner's Bracket
3C2 - Locked In - Determined Klash-30 handle Pioneers 6-4
3C1 - Ground Attack - Klash-30 grind 5-3 win over Court Officers
Loser's Bracket
3C3 - Together Again - Pioneers set rematch, dispatch Court Officers 4-1
3C0 - Message Sent - Klash-30 sharp in tidy 7-3 Stalker send-off

3D League - [box scores] | [draw] | [back to top]
Championship Game
3D7 - Cardiac Kids - Rams rally late, plunder 3D crown 7-6 in yet another nailbiter
Displaying a steeled iron will, the Rams refused to yield and scored twice late to yank the 3D crown from the Bucs 7-6. On the road to their first Long Island Cup, the Rams weathered three overtimes and three lose-or-go-home matches.

This championship match was a classic nip-and-tucker throughout. The game saw four lead changes with neither team forging more than a one goal lead. Atypically, the offenses freely skated up and down with each team scoring four times apiece in just the first 17 minutes. Neither defense could stem the frantic pace and four minutes into the third the Bucs emerged with a 6-5 lead.

At this point, the Bucs, rich in playoff titles and veteran saavy, seemed poised to close out the upstart Rams. Predictably, they closed ranks and settled the game down. Suddenly, Rams shots become hard to come by and the Rams grew increasingly frustrated. The Rams, however, had skated through a gaunlet to get to this point with a different player providing the heroics. Cue 3D League MVP John Thatcher . Thatcher, who scored the Rams fifth goal, imposed his will to score an unassisted game tying goal with 3:16 to go. He then completed the "Messier" when he rang the championship bell with just 27 seconds remaining as he capitalized on a failed, fateful Bucs clear.
3D6 - Ho-Hum - Rams eschew overtime, force winner-take-all with 3-1 win over Bucs
Winner's Bracket
3D4 - SwashBuckler - Bucs rattle Rams 4-3 in double overtime
3D2 - Nip and Tuck - Rams prevail over Leafs in a 3-2 overtime battle
3D1 - Aye Matey! - Bucs pillage Sabres 5-1
Loser's Bracket
3D5 - Ram Tough - Rams rebound against Leafs 4-3 in overtime
3D3 - Rake 'Em Up - Leafs bag Sabres 5-2
3D0 - Pirate Booty - Bucs pop Weasels 5-4

3E League - [box scores] | [draw] | [back to top]
Championship Game
3E4 - Red Dawn! - Wolverines scalp Tribe 3-1 for 3E title
Capping an improbable playoff run, the Wolverines shut down the Tribe for much of the game and garnered their first Long Island Cup championship. With the 3E title victory, the Wolverines put behind the stink of their painful championship loss last fall.

The Wolverines, who needed a last game overtime win to just make the playoffs, put forth another virtuoso playoff performance. As in their previous playoff matches, they controlled both offensively and defensively. Offensively, they were again led by 3E League MVP Greg Miller. Miller, who scored more than half of the Wolverine's playoff tallies, had both a goal and helper in this decisive game. Defensively, as per usual, the Wolverines were backboned by Tom Fellner's stellar goaltending.
Winner's Bracket
3E2 - Tastin' It - Wolverines continue playoff push, tomahawk Tribe 5-1
3E1 - Sniffin' Around - Wolverines edge Rats 3-2 in OT
Loser's Bracket
3E3 - See Ya! - Tribe exterminate Rats 4-2
3E0 - On the Prowl - Wolverines edge East Coast 4-3