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Fall 2008 Playoffs

Long Island Cup Fall 2008 Championship Games

B League [box scores] | [draw] | [back to top]
Championship Game
B4 - Back in the Saddle Again - GN-Bruins reclaim B crown, swamp Storm 8-2
Whether it was muscle memory or just a YouTube replay, the GN-Bruins unleashed a familar gameplan to thump the Storm and recapture the B League championship. Scoring before bottoms hit their seats, the Bruins "stormed" to early 4-0 lead to deflate a staggered Storm squad. With the win, the Bruins claimed their fouth consecutive Fall B League title.

The Bruins were singlehandedly led by B League MVP Adam Greene. Greene scored the first four Bruins' goals with the initial biscuit just 41 seconds into the match. He scored from near and from far en route to a six goal (yes, six) and seven point night. While last night's performance was impressive, his most important playoff tally proved his first. Greene's overtime "Matteau-like" wraparound in the opening round spared the Bruins the loser's bracket long road and propelled this latest Bruin championship march.

Winner's Bracket
B2 - Groundhog Day - GN-Bruins rally again in the third, weather Storm 4-3
B1 - Houdini - GN-Bruins, behind late 3 goal rally, escape stunned Lightning squad 7-6 in OT
Loser's Bracket
B3 - Starr Bright - Storm filch 5-4 win from Lightning behind Starr's last minute tying & overtime goals

C League [box scores] | [draw] | [back to top]
Championship Game
C6 - Bounced - Tremblays take back C crown in thrilling 3-1 win over Klash-C
In a taut, tension-filled match, Tremblays Pub came from behind to nip the Klash to win the C championship. With the title win, Tremblays reclaimed the C crown relinquished to the Klash last year.

Tremblays entered the playoffs having lost all three regular season meetings between the two squads. With payback due, they thumped the Klash in the first playoff meeting 7-2 and entered this match needing only the one. Play started and stayed at a fury. After spotting the Klash an early goal, Tremblays hummed in the second. Spearheaded by the supreme play of C League MVP Kevin Faraci and Casey Tremblay, the Pub flipped the score with two in the second. Faraci scored both, the first on an excuse-me rebound and the second on a quickstrike onetimer off a precise Tremblay pass. The potent pair struck again in the third with Faraci feeding a streaking Tremblay to pot an insurance tally.

Winner's Bracket
C4 - Belly Up - Tremblays thump Klash-C 7-2
C2 - Getting By - Klash-C grind 7-4 win over Woodstock
C1 - Takin' Care of Business - Tremblays go to work in 8-5 Phantoms takedown
Loser's Bracket
C5 - Just Getting By - Klash-C eke past resilient Woodstock 3-2
C3 - Axed - Woodstock exorcise Phantoms 5-4
C0 - Rip Van Winkle - Phantoms rouse from season long slumber, spank Scorpions 10-1

D1 League [box scores] | [draw] | [back to top]
Championship Game
D5 - Same as the Old Boss - Boss Crokers snuff LI-Stars 5-2 for D1 title repeat
Pushed to a point that they had not previously faced, Boss Crokers rallied and closed strong to pull away from the determined LI-Stars to capture the D1 championship. With the win, Boss Crokers successfully defended their Spring 09 tD1 crown.

Unexpectedly, Crokers needed to come from behind to clinch this title. They trailed 2-1 middle of the match. Having been outplyed by the Stars, the Crokers looked tentative and needing a spark. Up stepped D1 MVP Sean Hroch to jump start the Crokers. Hroch, who generated numerous scoring chances throughout the playoffs with his ability to break down the defense, scored the tying goal and setup the insurance tally to finally free the Boss men from the pesky Stars. Teaming with Hroch to lead the victors was captain Mike Caira, who pumped home two including the gamewinner.

D4 - Who's the Boss Now? - LI-Stars come from behind in the third to shock Boss Crokers 9-8
Winner's Bracket
D2 - Barrage - Boss Crokers blister Goonies 7-3
D1 - Shooting Stars - Goonies jolt LI-Stars 2-0
Loser's Bracket
D3 - "Gone"ies - LI-Stars dismiss Goonies 3-1
D0 - Bend but no Break - Goonies outlast Euro Stars 2-1

D2 League [box scores] | [draw] | [back to top]
Championship Game
DD6 - King Fish - Swordfish leave no doubt, mince Mayhem 9-3 to claim D2 crown
Shaking off a slow start, the Swordfish played with vim and vigor to pull away from the Mayhem 9-3 to win the D2 championship. With the win, the Swordfish have now raised the Long Island Cup twice in the past three seasons.

After spotting Mayhem the first goal, the Swordfish broke open the game with three goals in a five minute burst at the start of the second period. Leading the charge, as he had in the previous Swordfish wins, was D2 League MVP Steve Drizis. Drzis' aggressive forechecking forced numerous defensive end turnovers that he converted into the third goal and set up the game winning fourth goal. Fueled by the Drzis eneregtic play, the Swordfish systematically overwhelemed the Mayhem end and methodically built their insurmountble, crown-clinching lead.

Winner's Bracket
DD4 - Cardiac Fish - Swordfish rally late, spear Mayhem 5-4 in overtime
DD2 - Lookin' Sharp - Swordfish slice PLT 8-1
DD1 - Rough Waters - Mayhem beach Sharks 6-2
Loser's Bracket
DD5 - Any Which Way - Mayhem burn PLT 3-2 in ovetime
DD3 - Tastes like Chicken - PLT skewer Sharks 5-0
DD0 - Impenetrable - Campbell stonewalls Knights, Sharks advance 3-0

E1 League [box scores] | [draw] | [back to top]
Championship Game
E5 - Belly-to-Belly - Bruisers rumble past Morkmen 8-6 to repeat as E1 champs
E4 - Why We Play the Games - Morkmen zap Bruisers 7-5 to force winner-take-all
Winner's Bracket
E2 - Knuckle Sandwich - Bruisers put it to Morkmen 11-4
E1 - Nanu, Nanu - Morkmen double up Vipers 8-4
Loser's Bracket
E3 - Skinned - Morkmen vanquish Vipers 5-2
E0 - Plucked - Morkmen fry SFC 6-5 in overtime

E2 League [box scores] | [draw] | [back to top]
Championship Game
EE4 - Toro! Toro! Toro! - Raging Bulls complete improbable 3E title charge 6-3 over Minutemen
Charging seemingly all the way from Pamploma, the Raging Bulls ignited early and stampeded the Minutemen 6-3 to win the E2 Championship. With the win the Bulls defended their Spring 08 championship.

The Bulls scored three times in the first three minutes to essentially clinch the title before the squads broke a sweat. The Bulls charge was led, as it was throughout the playofs, by E2 League MVP Joe Rizzo. Rizzo spirited playmaking set the table for two of the first three Bulls goals. After the Minutemen sparked to close within two, Rizzo went back to work and set the table for two more Bulls goals. The primary beneficiary of Rizzo's handywork was Brandon Cangieri, who potted three of Rizzo's helpers.

Winner's Bracket
EE2 - Rampage - Raging Bulls trample East Coast 5-2
EE1 - Ole' - Raging Bulls sidestep Minutemen 4-3
Loser's Bracket
EE3 - V is for Viscusi - Minutemen default East Coast 2-1
EE0 - Putting on the Rizz - Rizzo starts/ends comeback as Raging Bulls charge past Mustangs 4-3 in OT

3C League [box scores] | [draw] | [back to top]
Championship Game
3C7 - The Witch is Dead - Court Officers finally summit Everest, claim first LI Cup with 6-2 Klash KO
No more. No more voices, no more demons, no more bridesmaid. The Court Officeers slayed the dragon and finally stood alone at season's end. They convincingly defeated the Klash-30 6-2 to capture the 3C championship and raise their first Long Island Cup. The monumental win forever buried the docket of near-misses and spit ups that tormented the organization.

The Court Officers sprung from the locker room ready to win. They scored 35 seconds in and twice more in dominating the first period. They maintained steady pressure and carried play for much of the second. The gremlins, however, would not be buried quietly. If only by memory, the defending champs scored twice in three minutes late in the second. Suddenly, the familar script was playing out and misery was again aknockin'.

This time, however, it didn't happen. In a heart, and mind, preserving play, 3C League MVP Chris Biamonte furtively slipped free, neaty shedded a scrambling defender, and calmly buried the organization's most important goal. Biamonte also netted the club's previous most important goal when he netted the gamewinner in the Officers improbable late comeback in the preceding game.

3C6 - Escape the Green Mile - Three unanswered in the 3rd resurrect Court Officers 4-3 over Klash-30
Winner's Bracket
3C4 - Good Afternoon - Klash-30 collar Court Officers 4-1
3C2 - Good Morning - Klash-30 round up Pioneers 4-1
3C1 - First Beat - Court Officers cage Kodiaks 7-2
Loser's Bracket
3C5 - Survive and Advance - Court Officers just get by grisled Kodiaks squad 4-3
3C3 - Bear Attack - Kodiaks rear up in 3-2 Pioneer swatting
3C0 - Bear Scrum - Kodiaks scratch claw survive Grizzlies 5-4 in OT

3D League [box scores] | [draw] | [back to top]
Championship Game
3D6 - No Way Eddie - Rams whitewash Ice Hogs 1-0 to repeat as 3D champs
True to their past playoff form, the Rams proved rock solid in yet another playoff nailbiter and prevailed over the Ice Hogs 1-0 in the 3D championship tilt. With the win, the Rams defended their Spring 08 crown and staked claim as undisputed 3D champs.

This intense match was played with the relentless purpose that only the playoffs bring. Up and down, down and up the play was high level especially that of the goaltenders. Both netminders shined, with the only yield coming with 3:35 remaining in the second when the Rams' Christian Fiala converted a breakaway.

Pitching the shutout was 3D League MVP Ed Nowak . Nowak, the Rams backbone, was resolute throughout. In the frantic final period, as the Hogs pushed for the tying tally, Nowak was composed, steady, and ultimately bulletproof. He turned away 14 shots in the third (28 overall) with several saves highlight worthy.

Winner's Bracket
3D4 - Primed for #2 - Rams plunder Bucs 3-1
3D2 - Kann Do - 'Geiser's crunchtime pair boost Bucs by Ice Hogs 4-3
3D1 - First Step - Rams horn Bladerunners 5-3
Loser's Bracket
3D5 - Late Night Barbecue - Ice Hogs broil Bucs 3-2 in OT after late two goal rally
3D3 - Pig Suey - Ice Hogs skewer Bladerunners 2-1
3D0 - Skating On - Bladerunners bounce Moose 6-2

3E League [box scores] | [draw] | [back to top]
Championship Game
3E6 - Blue Heaven - Blues cap Cinderella run with 5-3 barnburner over Wolverines
In a wild griping match, the Blues survived a furious third period to stun the Wolverines and seize the 3E League championship. With the win, the Blues completed an unlikely championship run having emerged from the wildcard round.

Before raising the LI Cup, the Blues needed to survive a squeeze box. They dominated the first half of the game and built an apparent safe 4-1 lead. Play flipped suddenly, however, when the Wolverines scored twice in 30 seconds late second. In a classic third period, the desperate Wolverines forced much of the play in the Blues end repeatedly scaring the goal. But, while the puck tantilizingly buzzed near, around, behind the Blues net it never entered the cage.

Fittingly, the only third period scoring came from the primetime stick of 3E League MVP Marc Hedquist. Hedquist, fresh off a hat trick in the preceding game, had scored the fourth (and title winning) goal off a breakaway in the second. Then, late in the third, with his team gasping, he determinedly emerged from a corner scrum to go five hole and cement the improbable Blues title.

3E6 - Miller Time - Wolverines whistle the Blues, force winner-take-all 5-4 in OT
Winner's Bracket
3E4 - Blue By You - Blues blast Tribe 6-1
3E2 - Scalped - Tribe surprise Rats 2-1
3E1 - Blues Ville - Blues bewilder Wolverines 3-1
Loser's Bracket
3E5 - Halfway Home - Wolverines thwack Tribe 4-0
3E3 - Heave Ho - Wolverines eliminate Rats 7-5
3E0 - Whistling Dixie - Blues saunter past Sabres 4-2