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Spring 2012 Playoffs

Long Island Cup Spring 2012 Championship Games

B League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
B6 - Back in the Saddle - Klash-B dispose OPA 8-1 to reclaim B League crown
Seizing early control of the game, Klash-B never looked back in beating OPA 8-1 to win the B League championship. The Klash defended their Spring 11 title and won their third LI Cup in the past four seasons.

Playing perhaps their most complete game of the season, the Klash commanded play on both ends and methodically wore down a game OPA squad playing back to back nights. The Klash essentially iced the game away in the first two periods when they scored twice each. Again, the Klash were offensively led by B League MVP Sean Hroch. Hroch scored twice and helped on another in leading the Klash onslaught. Overall, Hroch scored eight times during the Klash playoff run.

Winner's Bracket
B4 - Solid as a Hroch - Hroch scores last three to lead Klash past Lightning 5-3
B2 - Hanging On - Klash-B fend off late Bruins rally 7-6
B1 - Lightning Strike - Lightning assail OPA 10-5
Loser's Bracket
B5 - Lightning Crashes - Resilient OPA douse Lighting in 5-4 in OT
B3 - Slugfest - OPA land final two to top GN-Bruins 9-7
B0 - Blitzkrieg - OPA ride early TD to send Big Blue home 10-6
C League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game Meet the Old Boss - Tremblays back atop C League with 4-2 win over Phantoms
Reversing the script from the previous championship game, Tremblays put forth a dominant third period to skate away from the Phantoms 4-1 and defended their Spring '11 C League title. With the win, Tremblays won their third LI Cup in four seasons and fifth overall.

The teams traded goals and entered the third tied 1-1. The C league season would be settled in one last 15 minutes. This night, it was Tremblays who prevailed. Setting aside the prior game's meltdown, Tremblays dominated the season's last stanza. Igniting the fateful charge was C League MVP Zach Ajzerman. Ajzerman, who led Tremblays playoff scoring with five, went solo in scoring the decisive go-ahead goal just three minutes in. Feeding off this individual effort, Tremblays scored two minutes later and then tacked on another to put the game, and season, out of reach.

C6 - Four Score - Phantoms stun Tremblays 6-4 with late burst
Winner's Bracket
C4 - Thumper - Tremblays paste Phantoms 8-2
C2 - Timber - Tremblays axe Woodstock 10-3
C1 - The Defense Rests - Phantoms outslugs Mayhem 9-7
Loser's Bracket
C5 - Survivor - Phantoms outlast Woodstock 4-3 in double OT
C3 - No Answer - Woodstock score three in the third to quell Mayhem 6-4
Cw2 - Spring Cleaning - Woodstock snips Snipes 4-2
Cw1 - Decommissioned - Phantoms serve USMMA 6-5
D1 League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
D5 - Germans Bomb Pearl Harbor - Animal House ascend to pounce Predators 3-1 for D1 title
In a tense spirited match, Animal House denied the Predators 3-1 to win the D1 championship. With the victory, Animal House beat the Predators twice to complete the rise from the losers bracket. The title is the organization's first LI Cup.

This championship game dripped with tension and grit. Both teams played with jam as the the tug-o-war over puck possesion and ice carried over from the preceding championship game. Tj Thompsen opened and closed the Animal House scoring as his second goal midway through the third provided the insurance cushion Animal House ultimately didn't need. Animal House's championship trek was led by

D1 League MVP Michael Amato. Amato scored in each previous three Animal House playoff games and four times overall.

D4 - Not so Fast - Animal House bounce back 3-1
Winner's Bracket
D2 - On the Prowl - Predators serve notice in 5-3 Animal House surprise
D1 - Three in Three - Predators pull away from Bruisers 5-2
Loser's Bracket
D3 - Slam-a-Lama - Animal House toss Bruisers 8-0
D0 - Free Ride - Bruisers walk past Morkmen 1-0
D2 League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
DD7 - Bomb Squad - Minutemen capture D2 crown 4-1 over LI-Bombers
Capping three spirited, head-to-head playoff matchups, the Minutemen finally defused the LI-Bombers to garner the D2 championship 4-1. This latest title is the Minutemen's fourth LI Cup (and the third spring championship in four springs) and their first D2 crown.

In each of their previous three playoff games, the Minutemen spotted the lead and relied on third period comebacks. With this fraught approach, the Minutemen were fortunate to win two, including one for the history books. This night, D2 League MVP Eric Vollmer would have none of that. The wily defensemen scored a shorty in the first and helped on the second to lead the Minutemen to a seemingly unexpected early 4-0 lead to firmly stamp their well earned D2 championship.

DD6 - Off the Mat - LI-Bombers refuse Minutemen 5-3
Winner's Bracket
DD4 - One for the Ages - Down 5-1, Minutemen strafe Bombers with seven in the 3rd
DD2 - Late Wake Up Call - Minutemen score four in last to upend Pioneers 4-1
DD1 - Whitewash - LI-Bombers blank Redrum 3-0
Loser's Bracket
DD5 - Sorties - LI-Bombers blast Pioneers 6-0
DD3 - Shot Out - Pioneers repel Redrum 4-3 in penalty shots
DD0 - Here's Leo - Moreira's trick leads Redrum past PLT 6-2
E1 League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
E7 - Bang a Gong - Bangers stone LI-Cougars 3-1 to win E1 Championship
In a fitting decisive winner-take-all, the Bangers finally subdued the LI-Cougars 3-1 to wear the E1 crown. The championship is the Bangers first LI Cup and capped a thrilling championship run highlighted by three taunt matches with the resilient Cougars.

This championship game proved no different than the teams' previous two playoff tilts that saw low scoring, one goal results. With offensive oportunities scarce throughout these games, the Bangers struck a stupefying two shorties on the same kill to launch a 2-0 lead that would ultimately sustain. Although the Cougars swiftly answered to close the first down just 2-1, the die was cast. Riding the clutch, stout goaltending of E1 MVp Kyle Erickson, the Bangers repelled all subsequent Cougar challenges. In this game< Erickson stopped 30 shots, 16 in the second. In all, Ericksn yielded just eight goals in four playoff games.

E6 - Cardiac Kids - LI-Cougars thrive in OT again, stun Bangers 3-2 to force decisive game
Winner's Bracket
E4 - Double Duece - Cummings and Ruane each score two to lead Bangers 5-2 over Stingers
E2 - Buzzed - Stingers overtake Bolts 5-4 w/3 in third
E1 - Sweatin' It - Bangers edge LI-Cougars 3-2
Loser's Bracket
E5 - No Doubt - LI-Cougars surprise Stingers 5-2
E3 - Living Large - LI-Cougars sneak past Bolts 5-4 in sudden death
E0 - Pawed - LI-Cougars snare Black Widows 2-1 in OT
E2 League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
EE5 - Phew! - High Voltage hangs on to resist Rage 5-4
Teetering and wobbling, High Voltage survived a frantic third period to emerge with a 5-4 win over the Rage and the E2 title. The kneeknocking win is High Voltage's first LI Cup championship in five seasons.

High Voltage built a seemingly secure 5-2 lead after two well played periods. Throughout their playoff run, High Voltage's offense was spearheaded by E2 MVP Spiros Kostavas. Kostavas, who scored nearly half of High Voltage's 17 playoff goals, scored two of these five. But, as the case in the prior game, High Voltage had issue closing the deal. In the third, the Rage unleased 15 shots with two finding twine. With six minutes to go, High Voltage was hanging onto a precarious 5-4 lead. There would be, however, no repeat of the prior meltdown. High Voltage weathered all remaining Rage parries and persevered to raise the Cup for the first time.

EE4 - Short Circuited - Rage shock High Voltage with late rally and sudden winner 5-4
Winner's Bracket
EE2 - Big Boy - Kostavas pumps five, High Voltage rolls Rage 8-4
EE1 - Danny Two Times - Vacchio pots two to lead Rage 3-2 over East Coast
Loser's Bracket
EE3 - Whitewash - Rage rips East Coast 5-0
3D League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
3D6 - Case Closed - Court Officers handle Klash-40 4-1 to defend 3D title
Brushing aside an early deficit, the Court Officers locked down defensively and orderly dispatched the Klash-40 4-1 for the 3D crown. With the championship victory, The Court Officers defended their Fall '11 title and captured their HLI Cup.

After the Klash scored just two minutes in, the Court Officers quickly responded one minute later to even the game. The Klash would not score again. Ultimately, four Court Officers scored to secure the victory. It was, however, their nearly impenetrable defense that propelled the Officers to this championship. The Officers limited the Klash to mainly perimeter shots as they continually sealed up the slot. Patrolling the slot and leading the defensive effort was 3D League MVP Chris DiDonna. DiDonna cast a large shadow in the home zone as his reach and might make him a formidable force in the kitchen.

Winner's Bracket
3D4 - Notice Served - Court Officers edge Klash-40 5-4
3D2 - Frisked - Court Officers contain Fire and Ice 2-1
3D1 - First Step - Klash-40 beats Effin-D 5-3
Loser's Bracket
3D5 - Flame Out - Klash-40 extinguish Fire and Ice 2-1
3D3 - Hose Job - Fire and Ice douse Effin-D 6-4
3D0 - Grounded - Effin-D jettison Jets 4-1
3E League [box scores] | [back to top]
Championship Game
3E6 - All the Way - Bladerunners shuck Tribe 4-1 to capture 3E Championship
With their best performance of these playoffs, the Bladerunners eschewed any drama in a commanding 4-1 win over the Tribe to garner the 3E title. This championship is the Bladerunners fourth HLI Cup and salved the disappointment from the previous fall playoffs.

The Bladerunners quickly set off to take command of the match. They scored twice in the first three and half minutes to establish the lead they would not surrender. Despite the Tribe halving the lead later in the first, the Bladerunners were bolstered by the constant, stellar play of 3E League MVP Terry Alyward. Steady and stout, Alyward turned away 27 Tribe shots to ensure the championship. In all, lyward would relinquish just three goals in the playoffs, one in each Bladerunner playoff game played.

Winner's Bracket
3E4 - Phew! - Bladerunners shootout Bucs 2-1
3E2 - Plunder Job - Bucs rattle Rats 5-2
3E1 - Sidestepping - Bladerunners skirt the Tribe 2-1
Loser's Bracket
3E5 - Given the Wood - Tribe plank Bucs 5-3
3E3 - Exterminated - Tribe chop Rats 5-3
3E0 - Sing a Song - Tribe belt the Blues 2-1