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Fall 2002 - D2 Preview

The FALL 2002 playoffs are eagerly anticipated and promise to be as hotly contested as the regular season. Below we provide a preview for the D2 League. This preview is only intended for discussion fodder and entertainment value. Good luck to all in their ‘Run to the Long Island Cup’.

D2 League

The division lines up as a classic youth versus experience match-up. Assuming the role a crafty veterans possessing playoff saavy is the first place SCORPIONS. The Scorps have been through the playoff wars albeit usually enjoying the cover of coming form the back of the pack. They depend on each player executing their role and are a textbook example of the whole surpassing the sum of the parts. Amost opposite in every way are the callow AVALANCHE. The 'Lanche are young, explosive, and volatile equally capable of blowing an opponent out and imploding (and sometimes in the same game). They have the most offensive firepower and if they can sustain capable defense and goaltending they will be tough to beat. In third and lurking are the MINUTEMEN. The Minutemen, as presently constituted, reflect a mixture of the first two. Combining veteran leadership with youthful exuberence the Minutemen are an unpredictable squad. They split their six games with the first two and really who knows what to expect from them heading into mix. Facing an uphill climb and rounding out the playoff draw are the RATS. Seemingly a little overmatched, the Rats will rely on team unity to spring an upset. Goaltending is the key for them as they will be challenged to post big numbers in a game.