Fri-Apr-19, 2019
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Fall 2002 - B Preview

The FALL 2002 playoffs are eagerly anticipated and promise to be as hotly contested as the regular season. Below we provide a preview for the B League. This preview is only intended for discussion fodder and entertainment value. Good luck to all in their ‘Run to the Long Island Cup’.

The David and Goliath playoff draw. Sitting large and at the top is the winning machine known as the BULLS. The Bulls have assumed the resident HLI dynasty title as they are in the midst of an uninterupted two-year title run. The have no weakness and have elevated their level of play leveraging roster stability to breed atypical cohesion and continuity. Looking to slay the champs is the enigmatic HURRICANES. The 'Canes, who possess vast offensive power, must step up their defensive play to weather the perils of the playoffs. Lurking as a dangerous threat is the LI-BULLDOGZ. The Bulldogz spent a significant portion of this season trying to establish some sort of consistency. While also capable of offensive pyrotechnics, their chances also lie with their ability to defend and limit goals. The winner of this playoff earns the right to challenge Heineken, the Superior A champ, for the title of King of the Island, the best men's team on Long Island.