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Fall 2002 Playoffs

Playoff Preview

With the regular season now complete the second season gets underway. We have posted the master playoff schedule (see 'Schedule'). We also separately provide each draw which summarizes all playoff matches for a division.

The FALL 2001 playoffs are eagerly anticipated and promise to be hotly contested in all divisions. Below we provide a preview for the E league draw. This preview is only intended for discussion fodder and entertainment value. Good luck to all in their ‘Race for the Cup’.

E League

On the surface, the LI-STARS have clearly stamped themselves as the playoff favorite. Riding an eleven game winning streak to finish the season they appear unbeatable and ready to be fitted for a crown. They do, however, posses a weakness that if skillfully exploited can crash the trophy party. The MUSTANGS have the ingredients to party crash and garner their first championship crown. If they can focus on a full game effort their veteran, balanced lineup, bolstered by the most consistent goaltending, can frustrate the division’s youth. More unpredictable but maybe more capable, the PHANTOMS-RED have the offensive guns to match the Stars goal for goal. Their weakness is a mystifying tendency to sleepwalk through periods. Equally puzzling are the BLACK STARS. At times they resemble the squad that nabbed a D League championship just two years ago. But at other times they leave you shaking your head wondering what team is truly on the ice. Not to be overlooked, the upstart AVALANCHE closed the season going 5-4 after stumbling out of the gate. They have stabilized their line-up and possess enough offensive to put a scare into any club.