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Fall 2002 Playoffs

Playoff Preview

With the regular season now complete the second season gets underway. We have posted the master playoff schedule (see 'Schedule'). We also separately provide each draw which summarizes all playoff matches for a division.

The FALL 2001 playoffs are eagerly anticipated and promise to be hotly contested in all divisions. Below we provide a preview for the B league draw. This preview is only intended for discussion fodder and entertainment value. Good luck to all in their ‘Race for the Cup’.

B League

On the surface it appears the B league playoffs serve simply as a coronation. The BULLS have dominated league play with but two ties to blemish a perfect slate. They possess a complete arsenal that seemingly has an answer for whatever the division can throw at them. Nonetheless, clouding the Bulls impending celebration is the lingering fact that in the club’s history they’ve yet to win a Fall title. And front and center, sitting on the throne and standing in the way is the 2-time defending champs, GN-BRUINS. HLI’s version of the New York Yankees the Bruins have played for the Fall championship four consecutive years. Come crunch time they are money with a wealth of playoff and veteran experience to neutralize ‘Father Time’. The HURRICANES are HLI’s version of the fast break. They score in bunches coming at you in waves of offensive pressure (they led the division in goals scored). The flip side to a fast break offensive is the fast break defense – they give up goals in bunches having led the division in goals against. The BREW CREW possess perhaps the division’s most dangerous first line. Fast and explosive they can score at any time. The exposure – stop the first line and the goals get scarce. The most intriguing team and perhaps the sleeper team is the ANGLERS. Speed, legs, and hockey skill drip from the sweaters. What’s missing is the veteran leadership to focus these assets into a complete and triumphant 45 minute effort.